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1 Tonne lighter pressed steel body with Monocoque construction, Outstanding structural strenght and unmatched durability.
Robotic Automated welding for best- in -class build quality.
India’s first product to have the option of sliding doors on driver & co-driver side in addition to 270 degree opening rear door.
Ensures easy loading & unloading of cargo.
Low loading height of 695 mm.
Powered by powerful FM 3.2 CR BS IV engine derived from Mercedes designs and adapted to Indian conditions.Best in class fuel milage, Driveability and Reliability.
Vehicle tracking & surveillance system (optional) India’s 1st product with live tracking & live footage streaming for enhanced safety..
The only vehicle in its category with C.E.D (Cathodic Electro- deposition) painting. The latest (Sixth generation) dip painting plant ensures highest level of rust protection. The robotic top coat paint finish is of car standard.
Offers the highest quality of safety with disc brakes on all the wheels-ensuring top class braking. .
Dual Wheel Rear Axle for maximum stability.
G-32, 5 Speed Mercedes Licensed Synchromesh Gear Box, which offers low friction, long life and smooth transmission.
India’s first product with Anti-Locking Braking System (ABS) and electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) for best-in-class safety. The ABS prevents wheels from locking when braking on a slippery or winding road. The EBD ensures brake force distribution taking into account the load on each of the wheels and helps to shorten the stopping distance.
Red & White colour options.

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