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Wider Wind screen and ITES Integrated Dashboard Controls.
GPS Navigation and Passenger Information System.
Passenger Information System, Internal Camera and Stop bell Button.
Stanchion Bars & Wide Gang Way Easy Internal Movement.
Jack Knife Door & Low Footstep Easy Entry & Exit.
Rear Reverse Parking Camera Convenience & Safety.
Advanced Common Rail Diesel Engine and 5 Speed Synchromesh Gearbox made under license from Daimler AG, Germany.
Advanced 5 Cylinder MPFI CNG Engine and 5 Speed Syncromesh Gearbox made under license from Daimler AG, Germany.
The largest Monocoque Panel van in the world, Body weight nearly One Tonne less than other vehicles in the category.
The only vehicle in its category with ventilated disc brakes and heavy duty four piston callipers on all wheels.
The only vehicle in this class to adopt Cathodic Electro- Deposition full body dip painting process for best- in- class rust protection.
Widebody interior (2.2 meters) with 2x1 seating arrangement, Full standing height, wide aisle and ample leg space.
AC Option available.

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